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    Practice Facilities

The practice facilities at Augusta Ranch are open the same hours as the golf course (click here for facility hours). 

Driving Range

 Driving Range3

 Whatever club you drive a ball 300+ yards with, that club will need to stay in your bag!!! Otherwise, practice all you want! Perfect that golf swing! Flags are on "greens" where you can practice your distance and accuracy skills. 

Range balls may be purchased in the golf shop.

  • Large basket provides between 110-120 balls ($16 tax included)
  • Small basket provides around 50-60 balls ($8 tax included) 

**** Range Punch Card is the best deal. 15 punches on a card which reduces the prices significantly. Two punches = a large basket. ($88+tax)

The Driving range closes for "clean picks" every Thursday about 90 minutes prior to sunset, and when there is an event where the range is used. During overseed, the driving range is closed prior to the golf course. When the range reopens, range practice is restricted to matts.

Chipping Green

Practice Green

Advancing the golf game takes time, commitment and a place to practice! Besides the driving range, Augusta Ranch provides a chipping green where there is a sand trap, an approach area that helps polish that chip & run. The chipping green is elevated which provides a practice area for that pitch or flop shot! 

Putting Green

Putting Green 3

Ever keep track of your putting? How many strokes are lost because there is a 3-putt? The putting green at Augusta Ranch is large with several opportunities to practice long putts, practice getting in the "circle" and just working on that "stroke". 

Both putting green and chipping green are closed following overseed for the month of October. Only other closure of the putting and chipping greens are when a tournament is using the greens for the tournament players. Otherwise, open for practice!

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